I just fired off yet another request to get access to the Coverity Scan information for the Tk project. I fully expect another round of resounding silence for this request as that will match every other attempt I've made. It seems that if you missed making such a request just after Coverity's original public announcement of the Open Source scan results you just get ignored forever. Thats not that suprising really as managing such access must have some cost and they are providing this for free. On the other hand it look pretty shoddy from where I sit. They made the offer to permit maintainers to access these results as a PR exercise and then ignore anyone that tries to follow up on this. The Tcl project got access and fixed a few issues and moved to 'Rung 2' along with a small number of other fairly high profile projects. But I also know that the Tcl maintainer who had access to this no longer does so and his requests have since been ignored too. I cannot say this encourages me to recommend this service for use in my commercial development. An all-round PR fail as far as I am concerned.