I just added French langauge support to my forked version of Anagramarama. This entails creating a new background image with localized strings on it but the French equivalents take up a bit more room compared to the English words in use. So I added a config file to the internationalization folder to permit re-defining the position and size of the active click region for each action word (the new, solve, quit and shuffle words). This should also make it possible to create completely re-designed game screens if this is extended to re-position the main word boxes and the clock region as well.

The French langauge word file is a trimmed down version of the scrabble dictionary again. This time the French dictionary is ODS5 and again I removed all the words too big or too small to be used in the game. It seems to be working fine.

Extending the NSIS installer was frustrating. Adding some accented characters I saved the NSIS file as utf-8 but this is not supported in stock NSIS. While using European languages we can manage using cp1252 but if I was to extend this to Russian it would be completely messed up. Seems stupid. Anyway the Anagramarama03.exe installer now contains Brazilian Portugese and French along with the British English game. If you want to test a language other than your own, set the LANG environment variable (eg: set LANG=fr) before running the program.

The additional source commits are all in the git repository.