Back in 2006 I found a nice SDL based game called Anagramarama which my daughter and I had some fun playing. I was playing this on my laptop and noticed that the CPU was maxed out the entire time. This is highly undesirable on a battery powered device so I looked into this and produced a patch. Unfortunately this has remained ignored since 2006 so recently I had cause to revisit this code (my daughter wanted the game again) so I've published this Git fork. The primary focus is a cleanup of the C code, fix the CPU usage and fix the memory leaks.

Hopefully in the future these patches can be merged into the main source which is currently available at googlecode. However, the primary project seems pretty moribund at this time.

Since my daughter tends to use Windows, I've added some build support for MSVC6 and an NSIS installer script. The current installer can be downloaded from Anagramarama03.exe although it might not be produced from the most recent commit on this repository (check the date)