Screenshot of the demo app.

This project aims to provide a video display widget for the Tk toolkit that can be used to display video data from files or from devices like webcams or TV input. This includes most webcams and a number of common file types including AVI and WMV files.

At this time the widget only works for Windows. On this platform it uses the DirectShow APIs to obtain and display video and so can support any video sources supported by DirectX.


The tkvideo package is provided as source code or a pre-compiled zip archive is available. A Tcl starkit version may also be available for use with tclkit.

To install the binary distribution you should locate your Tcl library folder. This is available as the global variable tcl_library in a Tcl shell. Unpack the zip archive in this folder and the package will be available for use.

To compile the source code, you will require Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, a recent version of the Platform SDK and the DirectX SDK. Read the comments in the file win/ for additional details.

All files may be obtained from the project site at Additionally the source code is maintained in a public git repository


The tkvideo package has been written by Pat Thoyts


Please see the file license.terms for details of the software license. If you require an alternative license you should contact the authors of the software.


Filename (gpg) binary release built against Tcl 8.4 stubs library (gpg) binary release built against Tcl 8.4 stubs library


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